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About us

About Careebance

From supporting hiring to offering career solutions, Careebance is built to support career-focused groups.

About Us

Meet Bance.


Careebance is built to help career individuals and organizations scale in their process, from hiring to onboarding.

Careebance vision

Career solutions for your business.

Careebance features modern user friendly front-end dashboard where all important things like jobs, resumes, applications, packages, profile details and private messages can be easily managed.

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All Things Career

Careebance is helping hundreds of businesses and individuals to do more with career-based tools and services.

Career Strategy

With over 5 years in career-led strategy, Careebanc offers individuals and organizations an efficient carer framework.


Digital Solutions

Use our tools, services and suite of innovative solutions to enhance approach to career problems all-round.

Career Consultation

Hub IT allows your business and technology computers to store, transmit, analyze, and manipulate big data.

We offer customized premium services to help businesses.

Redefined Hiring Solutions

We understand that the future of work requires seamless solutions to boost the hiring and managing of talents., that's why we are positioned fully to help.

Supporting HRs

Careebance allows your businesses and talents of all sizes to use efficient tools and sevices to streamline hirng and talent management.

With Careebance, we are a team first approach company, and we sit down with teams to understand their aims, goals and objectives to guide our thought process.

We are concerned with getting organisation's aim, goal, and objective all achieved in the least possible timeline. Thus, our process is agile.

After our process have been assessed and optimized, we push our approaches towards streamlining for deploying across organizations.

Happy customers all around the world.

From resume analysis, LinkedIn optimization and full-fledged seamless hiring protocols, Careebance serve a wide range of clients, users and customs across the globe to enhance the future of work in any ecosystem through strategic partnership.

A deep commitment to diversity

International Inclusion

Clara, Academium

By partnering with Careeebance, the team initially led by Clara at Academium was able to get 10x the amount of views and reach by professionals in the research community.

Shane, Stockipedia

Using Careerbance, Stockipedia was able to effectively hire interns and full-time experts to join their evolving fintech startup. As Shane led the HR team, they saw a 23% increase in scalability using Careebance automated systems.

Our committed team members are ready to help.

Trusted by global brands

We are here to serve your needs

Let’s collaborate and make an impact with our cross-discipline approach to hiring and talent mangement.